Andover Newton Theological School: Stock Delivery Instructions

1.ELECTRONIC TRANSFER of Shares of Stock (DTC Eligible Securities)

Most of us have our brokers keep our stock certificates. In those cases, stocks are transferred electronically by your broker to Andover Newton (please note that shares of mutual funds are handled differently; see #3, below.) Here's the information needed to make an electronic transfer of your shares to Andover Newton:

  • Agent Bank Name: State Street Bank & Trust Co.
  • Agent Bank Number: 00987
  • DTC Participant Number: 987
  • Account #: BT24
  • FFC: 94-745017 – Andover Newton Theological School – Charitable Gift Account

Should your broker need any additional information, he or she can contact Pamela Piliero, Manager of Gifts and Records, at Andover Newton.

Please inform Pamela Piliero, Manager of Gifts and Records at Andover Newton, in advance, of approximately how many shares of what stock(s) or mutual fund(s) you plan to give. This helps ensure that your gift is properly received and that we are able to send you a letter/receipt with the correct information so that you can claim your maximum tax deduction.


If you have the actual, paper certificates in your possession, please use these steps:

  1. Sign and date the back of the Stock or Bond certificate. Sign exactly as your name appears on the front of the certificate.
  2. Contact Pamela Piliero, Manager of Gifts and Records, at Andover Newton for a form that authorizes the transfer of your stock to the Andover Newton account.
  3. Deliver the form and stock certificate(s) to:
    • State Street Bank & Trust, DTCC/New York Window, 55 Water Street, New York, NY 10041 Attn: Robert Mendez


Mutual fund units cannot be electronically transferred via the same DTC processes as shares of stock. To gift a mutual fund, please contact Andover Newton to expedite the transfer with you and your broker or banker. Gifts of mutual fund shares do take time to finalize, so advanced preparation is recommended when the timing of a gift is critical. Contact Pamela Piliero, Manager of Gifts and Records at Andover Newton or (617) 831-2407.

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